how to earn money from youtube 2020

by Admin Date 19/03/2020

how to earn money from youtube 2020

How to earn money from youtube Earned millions sitting at home:-In the online world, you can easily earn a lot of money through YouTube. And you can fulfill your dream. You can earn money online through YouTube. For this, you have to promote videos on YouTube by making interactive videos, viral videos, comedy videos, technology videos etc. First of all, what is YouTube And how to create this account.

What is youtube And how to create an account?

Youtube is a video platform by which you can make money by publishing and monetizing your video. It is absolutely free and the account is also created free. You can easily create an account through Gmail account. First you have to make a video, after that you have to upload that video. When you upload your video to youtube, people watch it. And as soon as the views start coming on your video, then your channel gets monetized and you can make money from it.

Three best ways to earn money from youtube

1- earn money through google adsense:-

When your channel is fully monetized. So if you connect it with Google adsense, then ads start coming on your video. (For monetization your channel should have 4000 viewers and 1000 subscriber) and through this ads you can earn money. Keep in mind that the rate of each ad is different and the category of your channel will be the ads of the same category and accordingly you will be earning from youtube.

2- earn money through affiliate marketing:-

You promote your YouTube channel and your subscriber grows, then you review a lot of product, then people buy it, then you can also earn from here. For this, you have to join the affiliate program. Such as Amazon Affiliate, Flipkart Affiliate, etc. When you join the affiliate program, then give the affiliate link of the product you review. When people buy the product from that link, then you will get commission of the affiliate program, you can make a good income.

3- earn money through sponsership :-

When your channel starts growing. And views start coming on your video. So many companies request you for sponsorship, for this the company also gives you money and you can earn even more than that. The company also gives you a lot of products that you have to unboxing and tell about it from your viewer and for this the company gives you money.