Youtube vs. Blogging: Which the best way to earn money online easily?

by Admin Date 04/05/2020

Youtube vs. Blogging: Which the best way to earn money online easily?

Youtube and blogging both are the best way by which we can easily earn money online. Although there are several way by which we can earn money online and you tube and blogging are the most popular ways for earning money. In starting we are always confuse to choose that which platform is right for earning money. So here we are going to discuss about these ways by which you can easily choose that which platform is best for you.
YouTube: To become a best you tuber, you should have creativity. If you have a creative mind so you can be the best you tuber in some time. If you have these qualities then you tube is the better option for you rather than blogging.


What is YouTube ?


YouTube is video Sharing website which is developed by Google. Youtube is a very popular website for sharing videos. By sharing and uploading interesting and uniqe videos, we can earn a lot of money through you tube.
You can choose any of topic according to your interest for making videos. But for sharing videos on YouTube first You should have a You Tube channel on YouTube. You can easily create a YouTube channel, it is not difficult task. You should also have a gmail account to create YouTube channel.


How to earn money through YouTube ?


With the help of Google AdSense you can earn money.By Google AdSense you can monetize. On the other hand you can also earn money by sponsorship and affliate marketing. By these way you can earn more money.

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What is Blogging ?


To start blogging you have to publish your article. If you have a experience of content writing then blogging is very easy for you. Blogging is same as You Tube, only the difference is that in blogging you can write about that topic and publish it and in You Tube,you make videos about the particular topic. Through blogging you can share your opinion about that particular topic with you writting skills to others.


How to earn money through blogging ?


To share you opinion and knowledge through your blogs, first you should have a blog. You can also write blogs for any website. In blogging, you can also earn money through affliate marketing. On the other hands there is other option of sponsorship also for writing any blog.

Some facts about YouTube vs. Blogging:


  • YouTube and Blogging both are the fabulous ways for earning money.
  • There is a condition that is you content about any topic should be original and unique. 
  • People most love to read and watch original content.
  • If your YouTube channel have less than 5000 subcribers so Google AdSense disapproves your channel.
  • In blogging, Your account will be disapproved, if you use alternative ads on your blog.